3 Ways Beyond Meat is Crushing Instagram


How the plant-based protein brand is maximizing content and engagement.

One of the products we’ve been very excited about is Beyond Meat. The plant-based meat alternative is disrupting the meat industry with their product line that covers our three favorite food groups; tacos, burgers, and hot dogs.

While their mission to “make the world a better place, one delicious meal at a time” is something we can all definitely behind — we couldn’t help but take a look at what we believe they’re doing right on Instagram.


They’re taking advantage of user-generated content (UGC).

What’s one way to really engage your community? Share their content on your own feed. Yes, your customers become huge fans for the shoutout but using their content also solves the need for frequent lifestyle content. Beyond Meat makes it really easy to find their UGC by encouraging customers to use hashtags like #BeyondSausage and #BeyondBurger on their packaging.

They’ve found the perfect influencer.

We haven’t sat in the board-room with the Beyond Team yet but judging by their content and partnerships with Del Taco and Carl’s Jr. we can conclude they’re positioned toward the male, meat-eating demographic. So when we saw that they’ve partnered with back to back all-pro athlete Deandre Hopkins to be one of the #BeyondAmbassadors, we knew their marketing team put a lot of thought behind their influencer campaign. Who better to convince dudes that eating a ‘veggie-patty’ is the new cool thing to do than an NFL superstar?

They’re talking back to their community.

Okay, when we say ‘talking back’, we don’t mean in a tongue-in-cheek, fire-spitting fashion that Wendy’s made cool. Beyond Burger frequently replies back to the first few comments left on their Instagram Posts. Although they may not have the resources to manage the hundreds of comments that their posts generate, it’s very clear that they care about what their audience is saying.

Beyond is doing so many things right on digital, but even more to impact change in our environment and our health. To learn more about Beyond Meat, just click here.



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