a modest statement depicting the successes of brands Blue Light Media has worked with that has a hint of swag and a whole lotta love behind it.

* ahem *

but really, here are some examples of the results we’ve been proud to produce for some incredible brands.

NC FEB-9.jpg

Brief: Create a digital brand that resonated with women between the ages of 25-45

Scope: Brand positioning, influencer marketing, photography, account management, content ideation and execution

Results: Recognized as one of the top 15 brands “killing it” by New Hope Network, digital presence recognized by Clorox Company as a deciding factor in the acquisition of NeoCell.

CityView-DarkLogo copy.png

Brief: CityView asked us to help drive leads and foot traffic to their Boulder, Colorado development, Peloton West to support their in-house sales team.

Scope: social media management, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Display Network

Results: Cost per Lead decreased by 24% to $51.46. Conversions increased by 23% to 93.6/month, average CPC $1.30.

Methodology: Facebook / Instagram Ads, Google Ads, programmatic display


Brief:  Challenger to Lenny and Larry’s Cookies and Quest Nutrition approached us to help improve their organic social media efforts and create content strategies that resonated with their audience

Scope: Content development, social media management, influencer marketing

Results: Improved organic reach by over 35%, improved engagement rate by 233%


Brief: Boutique fitness gym Boxhaus struggled to find a solid footing with paid media and achieving a measurable ROAS from Facebook Sales.

Scope: Facebook, Google, Instagram Ads, Analytics and Optimization

Results: 4.3x return on ad spend (ROAS) within 90 days

Methodology: Developed tracking funnels and optimized ads with creative and custom audience building


Brief: Start up house-hold product company Abrigo needed to find a way to make a big impact for their product launch.

Scope: Content curation, photography, social media marketing, influencer marketing.

Results:  Streamlined content production processes, created efficiencies in social media management and community management.