say hi to our founding team.

we are creators, innovators and leaders.  we spark conversations, create opportunities and connect like-minded people. we made FaceTime our boardroom and the Internet our stage. we believe in community, collaboration and the greater good. 


Karlie Myszka

Head of Accounts

Karlie sets the standard for culture in and out of the office, bringing the heart to all of our accounts, partners and staff.

Mildly obsessed with: Brick walls

lynn copy.png

Lynn Aiko

Production Manager + Account Executive

Lynn brings extensive experience in social media management, brand positioning, and content curation.

Alternate Title: Resident dog whisperer


Sofia Caputo

Account Executive + Content Curator

Her wanderlust has taken her all across the world where she's absorbed eclectic cultures and aesthetics that she brings to each account.

Her confession: Dislikes guacamole and avocado toast


Hannah Moyer

Head of Paid Media

The host of the Candidly Caffeinated Podcast and Nashville transplant happens to be certified in Google and Facebook/Instagram ads. Yes, she’s badass.

A sucker for: Craft coffeeshops and half-marathons.


Mikhail Alfon


His passion that's grown Blue Light Media extends to each of our Clients, constantly innovating and moving them forward.

Guilty pleasure: Family Guy re-runs and Slim Jims


Nelson Dale

Creative Director

If you want to see your vision come to life, Nelson will make it happen. Video, graphics and design are just a few of his super powers.

Little known fact: His stage name was K-Zilla


Sarah Diganci

CFO + Operations

Every company needs someone that keeps all the pieces together. Sarah's expertise has set the foundation for our creativity and ambition

Most lovable quirk: She color codes her Tupperware


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