everyone talks about Friday, but we decided to give Tuesday some love.

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What if you could just eat cookies for a living? We got to talk to someone who kind of gets to do that. Here's Brittany Boeckle, co-founder of the protein snack company Buff Bake, based in Orange County, CA!
How can you build a rockstar team? Christina Vecchi shares how she doing it at her event planning company, Events By the Cea. In this episode she shares: ⚡️How she maintains her brand while expanding her team ⚡️ Her tips on maintaining company culture ⚡️How she navigates the challenges of downsizing What are some of your tips for expanding your company while maintaining your brand integrity?
This week we're veering off our marketing path and heading into the world of sales. Don't worry, this episode will still apply to growing your business. Nima Bean, President of Sales at Propaganda E-Liquid, shares his secrets to motivating his team, what it takes to close a sale, and why mindset is the most important secret of all.
How has Nutrivenience founder Breana Thomas grown her plant-based meal delivery service year after year? With a high-quality product, strong client relationships and a mission to help Orange County get healthy. On this episode of the Tuesday Show, Bre shares how she's grown sales by 2.5x since inception, which marketing efforts work best for her and which one don't.